Where Are the Shirts?

This store was originally conceived as mostly a shirt store. The accessories such as the phone cases and mugs were always going to be an offering, but less of a focus than they are now. One of the ways I tried to capitalize on quarantine time was to focus on making designs and setting up the shop, however, due to COVID fulfillment times are delayed and often unpredictable. For example, shirt fulfillment times through the summer were up to 6 weeks. I have shirt designs ready to go, but I'm not comfortable making people wait that long after making an order (for whatever reason, the phone cases and mugs are not affected by these delays).

It was announced this week by my print fulfillment partner that they are catching up on the backlog, and the average fulfillment time is now 8-15 business days. While this is significantly better, I'm not sure launching the shirt portion of the store is a good idea with that kind of wait. With shipping it could be the better part of a month before you all would receive your orders. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or email me at info@catawbashop.com for feedback or any inquiries you may have!

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